Oil & Gas Services

A full-fledge services from conceptual studies, basic engineering to construction detailed design

QMEC provide services from basic and detail engineering, procurement, construction and project management.

Being able to tailor made our services direct to End User, or to provide services extensively through Turnkey or EPCC contractors, QMEC proved to be in a position to drive its capability and establish to be a well known player in the oil & gas industry.

Our various backgrounds and experiences cover these specific disciplines:

  • Process Design and Engineering Department
  • Piping & Mechanical Design and Engineering Department
    • Piping Engineering Department
    • Equipment/Mechanical (Static and Rotating)
  • Electrical Design and Engineering Department
  • Instrumentation & Control Design and Engineering Department
  • Civil & Structural Design and Engineering Department

Design & Engineering

QMEC full fledge design & engineering services covers:

  • Project Management
  • Construction Management and Supervision
  • Conceptual Design
  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
  • Detailed Design
  • Procurement Support Services
  • Specialist Study Services

QMEC multidiscipline departments are able to provide the followings, depending on the project request and demands:

  • process study
  • pressure vessels
  • static and rotating equipment 
  • instrumentation 
  • electrical facilities 
  • computing 
  • piping, civil works 
  • cost control and scheduling

Project Management, Procurement and Construction Management

QMEC has the right personnel with adequate of experiences in managing projects. The project management services’ main responsibility is to coordinate the projects undertaken by the company to ensure that the projects are scheduled and run in an optimum way, provide quality work to clients / customers and improve profitability of the company. 

The project management team comprises of Project Services Manager and assisted by Project Engineer(s) and Project Secretaries and Document Controllers.

QMEC has demonstrated its capability in providing exceptional services which include the following areas;-

  1. Project management, monitoring and control based on in-house procedures. Client’s procedures usually being practiced upon request.
  2. Liaison and preparation of all required information by local authority bodies such as Municipalities ( Majlis Perbandaran), Fire Department (BOMBA), Environmental Department (DOE), Safety and Health Department (DOSH), Electricity power supply body (TNB) etc.

Design simulations, Engineering Tools and Software’s

In a driving seat as a technology company, QMEC entrust the current and latest available technology to be applied onto our engineering deliverables. This is in line with our commitments towards engineering accuracy and feasibility of the design provided. Our consultancy covers various simulation software and tools, includes:

  • CADworx 3D model
  • Ceaser I or Simflex for Pipe stres analysis
  • PipeNet for Hydraulic analysis.
  • AutoCAD/ CADWorx
  • API 650 / API 653 Tank Design
  • PV Elite.
  • Hysis
  • Steady State modelling using commercial software
  • Dynamic simulation using in-house tools
  • Flow assurance studies using state of the art simulation tools such as OLGA and CFD.
  • Energy analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modelling
  • Finite Elements modelling

Piping & Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Department being a major group of QMEC, it consists of 3 sub-sections;

Piping Enginering Section

Lead by the Senior Piping Enginer. The enginering division is responsible to undertake al the proces piping activities including conceptual and detail design works, studies, stres analysis and calculation, reports and specifications.

Equipment/ Mechanical Engineering Section

Lead by Senior Mechanical Enginer who has vast experience in equipment design and selection such as storage API tank, presure vesel, pumps, compresors, mixers, gas turbines, heat exchanges, packaged equipment and etc. We do preparation of technical specifcation and purchase suport and proposal evaluation on our client behalf.

Drafting Section

The drafting division is led by Senior Designer and responsible in carrying out piping design work (3D Piping model) and subsequently producing piping deliverables i.e. general arangement, isometrics drawings, material take of and pipe suports.

Our Typical Deliverables as follows:

Mechanical & Piping Enginering
  • Mechanical conceptual studies & reports
  • Equipment sizing & calculation
  • Equipment specification & datashets
  • Stres analysis (Static & Dynamic)
  • Equipment list
  • Material Take Of (MTO)
  • Rotating equipment sizing and calculations
  • Presure vessel sizing
  • Firewater hydraulic calculation
  • HVAC
  • Specifications & datashets of packages equipments
  • API 650 Tank (Floating and Fixed Rof)
Drafting division
  • CADworx 3D model
  • Equipment layout
  • Escape route and safety layout
  • General Arangement drawings
  • Piping Plans
  • Isometric drawing
  • Pipe suport detail
  • Equipment drawing
Design guidelines :
Client standards and specification
PTS - Petronas
DEP- Shell
GS – Exxon

Ceaser I or Simflex for Pipe stres analysis
PipeNet for Hydraulic analysis.
AutoCAD/ CADWorx
API 650 / API 653 Tank Design
PV Elite.

Electrical & Instrument Design

Electrical & Instrumentation Enginering division is responsible to undertake al the enginering activities including Conceptual Study & Analysis (CSA), Basic Enginering Design (BED) Front End Enginering Design (FEED) and Detail Enginering Design (DED); Enginering activities are as folows but not limited to;-


Electrical system studies
  • Electrical Load Analysis
  • Motor Starting & Voltage Drop Study
  • Fault/Short Circuit Analysis
  • Relay Cordination Study
  • Electrical Load Sheding Scheme
Equipment sizing & calculation
  • Cable
  • AC & DC UPS
  • Lighting Ilumination Level
  • Equipment Heat Loss
Equipment specification & datasheets
  • HV/MV/LV Switchgear,
  • Motor Control Center (MCC)
  • Electrical Management System (EMS)
  • Power Transformer, Generator and Motor
  • Distribution Panel
  • AC & DC UPS
  • Navigational Aids System
  • Block Diagrams
  • Single Line Diagram
  • Hazardous Area Clasifcation
  • Electrical Layout Drawings
  • Motor & Non-Motor Control Schematic Drawings
  • Navigational Aids System Wiring Diagrams
  • Material Take Of (MTO)
Design Guidelines
  • PTS / DEP / API / BS / IEC / ASME / ANSI


Basic Enginering/Conceptual Design
  • Instrument Design Basis
  • Instrument Control and Shutdown Philosophies
  • Fire and Gas Detection Philosophies
  • Fiscal Metering Philosophies
  • Telecommunication Philosophies
Detailed Enginering Specifications for
  • Proces Control Systems
  • Shutdown Systems
  • Fire and Gas Detection Systems
  • Fiscal Metering Systems
  • Welhead Control Panels
  • Telecommunication Systems
Sizing Calculations for :
  • Flow Elements
  • Control Valves
  • Presure Relief Valves
Data shets for :
  • Field Instruments
  • Control Valves
  • Presure Relief Valves
  • Shutdown Valves
  • Analysers
  • Miscelaneous Instruments
  • Bulk Instalation Material
Drawings :
  • Instrument Cable Block Diagram
  • Control Rom Layout Drawings
  • Panel/Cabinet Drawings
  • Junction Box Termination and Wiring Diagrams
  • Cause and Efect Matrices
  • Lop / Logic Diagrams
  • Bulk Material Take-of

Building Services

Provide wide range of M&E services related

QMEC building services consultancy provide a wide range of design and engineering of Mechanical & Electrical services which includes:

  1. Mechanical studies & reports
  2. Equipment list
  3. Bil of Quantity
  4. Equipment sizing & calculation, design, specifications & datasheets for the folowing:
  • Heating, Air-Conditioning And Mechanical Ventilation
  • District Coling System
  • Fire Alarm And Protection
  • Fire Sprinkler System
  • Smoke Spil And Extraction
  • Cold And Hot Water System
  • Water Filtration System
  • Water Treatment System
  • Plumbing And Sanitary Piping System
  • Boster Pumping System
  • Compresed Air System
  • Lifts, Hoists And Escalators
  • Electrical Services
  • Lighting Design
  • Public Address(PA) And CCTV System
  • Telephone And Intercom System
  • Security System
  • Lightning Protection
  • Building Automation System
  • Clean Roms Air-Conditioning
  • Refrigeration And Cold Storage
  • Coling Water system

Civil & Structural Services

Specialising in a broad range of civil infrastructure and building projects

Civil Services

Our services specialises in a range of disciplines from project planning stage to civil engineering design, construction and maintenance for land development and infrastructure projects.

We have the ability and resources to offer the following services:

  • Civil Structures Design
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Contract Review and Development
  • Cost Estimating
  • Foundation Design
  • Land Development
  • Method Statement Development
  • Overland Flow & Flood Report
  • Post Contract Evaluations
  • Project Planning
  • Project Management
  • Risk Assessments of Critical Activity
  • Shaft Design for Tunnelling Projects
  • Soakage Design & Report
  • Stormwater Design & Mitigation
  • Tunnel Construction and Safety Reviews
  • Wastewater Design

Structural Services

We can tailor our services to your needs from small to large scale infrastructure projects, as well as commercial, industrial and high-end residential building projects.

We offer the following services:

  • Additions / Alterations to Existing Building Structures
  • Bridge Design – Pedestrian, Vehicle and Rail Bridges
  • Building Consent Applications
  • Buildings with Crane Loadings
  • Commercial & Industrial Building Design
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Design of Structures under Earthquake and Cyclonic Conditions
  • Detailed Seismic Assessment (DSA)
  • Earthquake Engineering
  • Foundation Design inclusive of Pile, Raft, and Pad Foundations
  • Multi-storey Building Design
  • Residential Building Design
  • Retaining Wall Designs using Concrete, Masonry and Timber Structures
  • Single or Multi-bay Industrial Buildings
  • Structural Design of Complex Structures
  • Structural Detailing & Drawings
  • Superstructure Design including use of Concrete, Steel, Masonry, and Timber designs
  • Technical and Peer Review Services
  • Top-down Construction DesignLandmark Development
  • Master Planning
  • Sewerage System
  • Water Supply System

Internet of Things (IoT) Services

Empower your business to do much more with IoT

QMEC IoT services consultancy not only make companies realize the benefits of IoT, but also avail them with technical expertise that is required to set up, manage, and run an IoT system post implementation.

Industrial uses cases:

  • Remote asset monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Field service management
  • Inventory and material tracking
Food production
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Self-optimizing production
  • Automated inventory management
  • Remote machine/asset monitoring
  • Fleet management
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Smart occupancy
  • Smart parking
  • Remote room booking system
  • Predictive maintenance

  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Hospital asset management
  • Patient engagement
  • Healthcare workflow optimization
  • Digital store management
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Smart inventory management
  • Customer churn predictions
  • Profit improvement solution
Fleet & Logistics
  • Fleet remote monitoring
  • Real-time drivers tracking
  • Lease process management
  • Fraudulent claim protection

Information Communications Technology (ICT) Services

An experienced ICT consulting service and technology expertise

QMEC ICT services consultancy and technology expertise to accelerate your business transformation and innovation strategies.

Our offerings for ICT services:

Advisory services
  • Our expert security consultants help you to secure your technologies by putting the right policies, processes, and architectures in place.
Architecture consulting services
  • Use existing and estimated future application traffic patterns to design a technology architecture for your organisation.
Project and programme management services
  • We support the successful execution of your IT projects using robust, proven project management methodologies.
Transformation consulting services
  • We help you to align your business and technology priorities to drive speed, agility, and business transformation.